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Loc & Devito Make Their Return to Ring of Honor

Loc and Devito made their return to Ring of Honor brutally evident at the New Yorker Hotel on May 7th. The two that took the Crew out of ROH for 90 days back on February 19th, Dunn and Marcos, felt the wrath of the Carnage Crew full force! Loc and Devito hid under the ring until Dunn and Marcos made their way out for their scheduled match but were stopped in the ring by the Carnage Crew. Loc and Devito had the upper hand without a doubt but just to put the point across more that they were back and weren't taking shit anymore, they brought back the weapons of Carnage Crew fame, a pair of hubcaps. They nailed Marcos with a "con-cap-to" to take him out and then hit the Carnage Driver off the apron through the ringside table to the floor on Dunn. They then got on the mic and said they were fat, drunk, and pissed off and then left to go to the back as help came out for Dunn and Marcos. The Carnage Crew are back and with a vengence. They make their official in ring return in New York City on June 12th in a New York Streetfight against Dunn and Marcos. There will be blood and lots of it and you know Loc and Devito will be enjoying every minute of it.

Loc on the Big Wrestling Show

Loc was a last minute guest on the Big Wrestling Show based out of Oswego, NY on Tuesday, September 28. He talked about his time in ECW and how he didn't like doing the "Extreme Referee" gimmick much. He went on to talk about how he loves working for Ring of Honor and his next match in Philadelphia this weekend against two of the RoH school's graduates. "Who better to beat them up than me and my fat partner?" Also mentioned the fact that Gabe Sapolsky, (the Booker for ROH), does listen to the fans and definetly knows when someone has what it takes, ie. John Walters. Loc stated that Dunn & Marcos are a team to watch in the future and compares them to Christoper Daniels and Low Ki. "They will be the Daniels and Low Ki of RoH in a few years." He mentions that the match between him and Devito against the team of Masada and Danny Daniels was the drunkest match in Carnage Crew history. Overall, the interview was a very informative for fans that wanted to know a little more into Ring of Honor and Loc's views into certain things.

Interview with Loc and Devito from the Declaration of Independents Website

The Declaration of Independents website has done an interview with Loc & Devito which talks about their beginnings in the business, "I love this sh*t", ECW, RoH, and many other subjects.
To read this article, go here.

Article from about Carnage Crew Situation

On April 27th, 2002 ROH honored Eddy Guerrero with "A Night Of Appreciation." It was the start of a long journey that led to ultimate success for Guerrero. It wasn't the only journey that started that night.
The star laden event featured the debut of Loc & Devito as The Carnage Crew in an unadvertised match that didn't meet the best fan reaction. Loc had previously only been booked in ROH as a referee on the first ever show, where he was busted open and given the cop killa by Homicide after he DQ'ed Homicide for using a foreign object.
The fans just didn't want to give Loc & Devito a chance. However, The Carnage Crew stole the show on July 27th, 2002 at "Crowning A Champion" in a bloody bunkhouse match vs. Homicide & Boogalou. From there Loc & Devito entered a feud vs. Da Hit Squad that produced some of the wildest matches of ROH's first year of existence. Loc & Devito even stood toe to toe with the legendary Abdullah The Butcher at "Night Of The Butcher." Slowly they were earning the hard to please ROH fan's respect.
2003 saw Loc & Devito prove themselves in another environment-Tag Team Scramble matches. The fans had labeled them as only brawlers, but perceptions were quickly changed as Carnage Crew shined in the fast-paced, innovative environment of Tag Team Scramble contests. Meanwhile, Loc & Devito would join Masada for a series of brutal bloodbaths against the Texas Wrestling Academy led by Rudy Boy Gonzalez with the highlight being the April 26th "Round Robin II" war. June 14th at "Night Of The Grudges" saw Justin Credible make his surprise ROH debut to join his longtime buddies and complete the Carnage Crew unit.
"The Epic Encounter" on April 12th, 2003 saw an impromptu three-way Tag Team Scramble end when Special K scored a cheap win over Carnage Crew with outside interference. Loc & Devito wanted to even the score. With each passing month the rivalry between the rich kid raving Special K and the working class Carnage Crew escalated in violence until it became one of ROH's hottest feuds. Tables were broken, weapons cracked skulls, people were whipped and blood flowed as the "first class white trash" Carnage Crew were frustrated time and time again as Special K kept winning using the numbers game.
Then on December 27th, 2003 at "Final Battle 2003" things got personal when Devito's daughter became a part of the rave scene. Now the issue hit home. After February 14th, 2004 at the "Second Anniversary Show" when Angel Dust of Special K flaunted that Devito's daughter was a raver, it was obvious there was only one way to settle this feud-Scramble Cage II on March 13th with Carnage Crew vs. Special K.
"At Our Best" on 3/13 was the pinnacle of Carnage Crew's journey. They had started 23 months earlier being rejected by the ROH faithful and now they were set to main event the most important show in ROH history in front of the largest crowd to ever witness a live ROH event.
Scramble Cage II delivered a violent and insane war that saw the legendary Dusty Rhodes help out the working man as he always has done in his career. "The American Dream" was right at home next to Loc, Devito, Credible & Masada. The Carnage Crew had achieved glory only few will ever know when Devito gained revenge and gave Angel Dust a piledriver from the top of the cage through two tables. A loud "ROH! ROH! ROH!" chant erupted as Rhodes, Loc, Devito, Credible and Masada celebrated by drinking beers in the middle of the ring. The nagging kids and lousy everyday jobs were out of Loc & Devito's minds and they were actually on top of the world for the first time in their frustrating lives.
The party continued in the locker room as Dusty joined The Carnage Crew for a promo. Something was wrong though. A disgusting odor filled the air and when the director yelled "cut" Dusty said the foul smell was coming from Loc and Devito's bags. It was soon discovered that someone had crapped in Loc & Devito's personal items. Rhodes stormed out in disgust. The moment was ruined. Carnage Crew had paid their dues and earned respect and now their moment to shine was forever tainted. The 23 month journey to earn the fan's respect ended with the ultimate sign of disrespect from their peers.
Now The Carnage Crew are trying to find out who did it. So far no answers have been found, but Carnage Crew are determined to get some answers on ROH's double shot weekend in the Midwest.
"We worked too long and sacrificed too much to have someone s*** all over our moment," Loc said. "There was no better feeling in my life than when the fans were chanting "ROH" after we killed Special K. Then our one moment of happiness in our miserable lives is ruined just when the party was about to get started. Someone is going to pay with a whole lot of pain for this one."
"This isn't going to be any slow building feud like with Special K," Devito said. "This is going to be all out war. If you thought what we did to Special K was sick, wait until we find out who did this. We are coming to St. Paul and Chicago and we aren't leaving until we get answers."

This article taken from this page off of the Ring of Honor Website.


The PWI 500 is an annual magazine that comes out and highlights the top 500 wrestlers of the past year. This year Justin Credible, Loc, and Devito were all in the list. Here are the write ups from the magazine.
The numbers under the name mean this. -- (height, weight, # of years pro, last year's ranking)

(6', 225, 11, 95)
Until recently, the former ECW World champion had kept a low profile since being released from WWE ... Maybe he was trying to make everyone forget about his days in X-Factor, and we wouldn't blame him for that ... Defeated Steve Corino to win the PWF universal title in February ... Made a heck of an entrance in XPW, talking a lot of smack to champion Shane Douglas ... Was humbled by "The Franchise" on March 8, 2003 ... Defeated Jerry Lynn to win the vacant ICW title ... Debuted in NWA-TNA on April 16, 2003, as part of Team Extreme, alongside Perry Saturn, New Jack, and The Sandman ... Wrestled Slash to a no-contest when both The New Church and Team Extreme got involved ... Appears to have streamlined his physique a bit since his WWE release ... You wouldn't know it from cane-swinging and hardcore brawling, but Credible was trained by the Hart family in Stu's famous Dungeon ... No matter how many titles he wins, the fans will never let him forget he once was Aldo Montoya, "Portuguese Man O' War," the guy with the modified jockstrap on his head.

(5'8", 230, 13, NL)
The Newburgh, New York, native is best known for being the mouthpiece for Da Baldies in ECW ... Da Baldies also included Angel, Vic Grimes, P.N. News, and Skull ... That group has the dubious distinction of popularizing the staple gun as a weapon ... Regularly wrestles in the indy promotions throughout the Northeast and teams with fellow ECW alumnus H.C. Loc in Ring of Honor as the Carnage Crew ... Toured with the WWF through the early 1990s where he faced some of the biggest names in wrestling ... Considers that period to be a major learning experience ... Learned to be tough to compensate for his smallish stature ... in addition to his brawling skills, DeVito has an impressive moonsault he dusts off from time to time ... Worked as a part-time bouncer at the world famous Scores strip club ... DeVito has trained numerous wrestlers, including Xavier and J.P. Black ... Favors Phillie Blunts to fine Macanudo cigars.

#303 HC LOC
(5'9", 225, 7, 482)
The former "Extreme Referee" of ECW has helped bring a hardcore edge to Ring of Honor, as well as several other Pennsylvania and New York-based indy promotions ... Trained at Cruncher's Gym in Elmira, New York ... Because of his smallish size, Loc learned how to brawl and scrap early in his career ... His first singles match was against a young Steve Corino in August 1996 ... After Loc put in a good showing at Dory Funk's training center in 1999, Funk convinced Tommy Dreamer to arrange a tryout for Loc in ECW ... He performed on nine ECW pay-per-view events from 1999 through ECW's demise in 2001 ... Has wrestled dark matches for WWE ... in addition to ROH, competes in Penn-York Wrestling, World of Hurt, and Buffalo Championship Wrestling ... Lost to Rik Matrix in the finals for the vacant BCW Niagara Frontier heavyweight title in 2001 ... Has formed successful tag teams with fellow brawlers T.W. Sledge and DeVito ... Along with Sledge, Marcos, and Kevin Dunn (ROH's The Ring Crew), stretched PWI Senior Writer Dan Murphy in a 2002 "training session" in Rochester, New York.

Thanks go out to Becky for the PWI Writeups.
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