HC Loc

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 195 lbs
From: Fordham Road in the Bronx
HC Loc's Wrestling Career started almost by accident when, in early 1995, a spot on the local news he always watched during dinner at his parents home opened a door that changed the entire course of Loc's life. It was piece about a new Pro Wrestling school opening up only 45 minutes from Loc's house in a small city called Elimira, NY. The news story gave a phone number which Loc called that same night. He spoke to a man named Bob Bailey who invited him to come visit "Crunchers Gym" (Bailey's wrestling school) the next night. Loc agreed and the next night he made the 45 minute drive to Elmira with his stomach in knots. You see, in early 1995 there were literally no wrestlers competing on American television under 6 feet tall. After pulling up out front of "Crunchers" Loc proceeded to spend another half hour in the parking lot working up the courage to go inside. He was sure that Mr. Bailey would dismiss him as too small and not allow him to train at the gym. To Loc's suprise Bob Bailey invited him in with open arms and never even mentioned Loc's height as a factor. Over the next year, after training for a few months, Loc competed in a few Battle Royals and tag-team matches to get his feet wet before finally having his first singles match on August 8th 1996 against a man who would prove years later to be an important person in Loc's career. This man, who would go on to become ECW World Champion and "The King of Old School", was Steve Corino.
Over the next four years H.C. Loc competed all over the northeast on the independant circuit and even on occasion for the World Wrestling Federation.
In the summer of 1999, Loc, along with good friend and fellow trainee at Crunchers back in '95, Danger, traveled to Ocala, FL to train with legendary former NWA World Champion Dory Funk Jr. at the first ever "Funkin' Conservatory". After a fairly good showing with Coach Funk, the Amarillo native agreed to call Tommy Dreamer from ECW and secure Loc a try-out match.
The following week Loc had that tryout match in Queens, NY and the rest, as they say, is history. It was a long hard road but Loc went form sitting in the ECW dressing room praying for a match, to busting his butt paying and repaying his dues on the ECW ring crew, to becoming "The Extreme Official" and performing on nine Pay Per veiws. HC Loc still continues to set and achieve new goals in the wrestling industry and continues to climb the ladder with no end in sight.
Information from HC Loc's official Website.

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